TET’s duties in relation to the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (DSIS) and the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DDIS): TET oversees that DSIS and DDIS process information about natural and legal persons in compliance with the relevant provisions of the Danish Intelligence Service Act (lov om Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (DSIS)) and the Danish Defence Intelligence Service Act (lov om Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste (DDIS)) as well as any rules laid down under such Acts. TET oversees that the intelligence services observe the provisions of the Acts:

  • on procurement of information, including gathering and collection of information
  • on internal processing of information, including time limits for deletion of information
  • on disclosure of information, including between the intelligence services, and disclosure to other Danish administrative authorities, private individuals, foreign authorities, and international organisations, and
  • on the prohibition against processing information about natural persons resident in Denmark solely on the grounds of their legal political activities.

If so requested by a natural or legal person, TET must also investigate whether DSIS and/or DDIS are processing information about that person in violation of the legislation regarding DSIS and DDIS. TET will verify that this is not the case and then notify the person in question (the indirect subject access request system). In relation to DDIS, the duty of oversight only concerns natural and legal persons resident in Denmark, meaning persons with a so-called qualified connection to the Danish society. TET’s duties in relation to the Centre for Cyber Security (CFCS): TET oversees that the CFCS processes information about natural persons in compliance with the relevant provisions of the Danish Centre for Cyber Security Act (lov om Center for Cybersikkerhed) as well as any rules laid down under the Act. The Oversight Board oversees that the CFCS observes the provisions of the Act:

  • on interception of communications
  • on processing of personal data, and
  • on analysis, disclosure, and deletion of data.

Finally, according to the Act on collection, processing, and retention of information regarding airline passengers (PNR), TET is the oversight authority for the processing of such data by the National Police for DSIS and DDIS.