Upon receipt of a request or of its own motion, TET oversees that DSIS, DDIS, and the CFCS process personal data in compliance with applicable laws. Read more about subject access requests here.

TET may require DSIS, DDIS, and the CFCS to provide any information and material of importance to the Oversight Board’s activities, and the Oversight Board is entitled at any time to access any premises where the information in question is being accessed or where technical facilities are being used. TET may furthermore require DSIS, DDIS, and the CFCS to provide written statements on factual and legal matters of importance to the Oversight Board’s oversight activities.

TET itself decides the intensity of oversight, including whether to perform full oversight or random checks, which areas are to be given special priority and the extent to which the Oversight Board wishes to raise a matter of its own volition.

TETs oversight activities consist of three parts: planning, execution and verifcation. Read more about the standards for Danish intelligence oversight activities:

Standards for Danish intelligence oversight activities