In connection with the indirect subject access request system with regard to DSIS and DDIS, TET may order the intelligence services to delete information. In contrast, the Oversight Board has no authority to order the intelligence services to implement specific measures in relation to the processing of data. However, TET may issue statements to the intelligence services and the CFCS providing its opinion on matters such as whether the intelligence services and the CFCS comply with the data processing rules.

If, in exceptional cases, an intelligence service or the CFCS decides not to comply with a recommendation issued by TET, the intelligence service or the CFCS must notify the Oversight Board and immediately submit the matter to the relevant minister for decision. If the minister decides not to follow the recommendation of TET in exceptional cases, the Government must notify the Parliamentary Committee for the Intelligence Services.

TET must inform the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Defence of matters which the ministers ought to know in the opinion of the Oversight Board.

Each year, TET submits reports on its activities to the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Defence. The annual reports, which are available to the public, provide general information about the nature of the oversight activities performed with regard to DSIS, DDIS, and the CFCS. Click here for more information about TETs reports.