TET cooperates with a number of different foreign oversight and review bodies to exchange experience.

TET further participates in Nordic meetings with oversight and review bodies from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

TET also participates in an intelligence oversight working group (IOWG) with oversight and review bodies from Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, TET each year participates in the European Intelligence Oversight Conference (EIOC) with oversight and review bodies from a number of European countries.

In October 2018 IOWG published a joint statement regarding strengthening the oversight of international data exchange between intelligence and security services. Read the statement here.

Futhermore, IOWG publiched its charter on 13 December 2019. Read the charter here.

TET contributed to the report Data-driven Intelligence Oversigt published by Stiftung Neue Verantwortung in November 2019. Read the report here.