The Danish Intelligence Oversight Board (TET) is an independent monitoring body which was established on January 1st 2014. TET is composed of five members who are appointed by the Minister of Justice following consultation with the Minister of Defence. The chairman, who must be a High Court judge, is appointed on the recommendation of the Presidents of the Danish Eastern and Western High Courts, while the remaining four members are appointed following consultation with the Parliamentary Committee for the Intelligence Services.

The members are:

  • Michael Kistrup, High Court Judge, High Court of Eastern Denmark (Chairman)
  • Pernille Christensen, Legal Chief, Local Government Denmark
  • Professor Henrik Udsen, Copenhagen University
  • Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen, Copenhagen University
  • Jesper Fisker, CEO, The Danish Cancer Society

TET is supported by a secretariat which is subject solely to the instructions of the Oversight Board in the performance of its duties. TET recruits its own secretariat staff and also decides which educational and other qualifications the relevant candidates must have.